Make your skin glow

The innovative 2-phase spray is delightfully lightweight and a pleasure to use

Looking for a body oil that’s lighter than a classic body oil and non-greasy? That absorbs quickly and provides your skin with long-lasting moisture? Then you should get to know our new Skin Food Ultra-Light Dry Oil.

What’s special about Skin Food Ultra-Light Dry Oil?

Skin Food Ultra-Light Dry Oil isn’t like classic body oils: The lower, watery part contains the plant power of viola tricolor, which provides hydration. In the upper, oily part, natural sunflower and jojoba oil, supported by the power of organic calendula, rosemary and chamomile, are waiting to care for your skin.

5 key ingredients of Skin Food

Pansy extract

Also known as Viola tricolor, the root extract of this flower as long been used to care for rough skin thanks to its natural soothing and moisturising effect.

Chamomile extract

Chamomile is known for its skin-soothing and fragrant effects. It can stimulate skin metabolism and supports the regeneration of the skin.

Calendula extract

Rich in carotenoids which give the flower its vivid colour, ‘pot marigold’ has gentle, soothing properties and supports the regeneration of the skin.

Rosemary extract

Rosemary’s uniquely qualities make it a great botanical booster. The stimulating and toning actions of its leaf extract makes it suitable for tired, pale skin.

Sunflower oil

A golden, lightweight oil, rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which support the repair of the skin’s barrier. It spreads well without leaving a greasy film.

How do I use the oil?

Give the bottle a well shake to combine the two phases– the oil is ready for use immediately afterwards. Our recommendation: spray a few pumps of the oil into your hands and then smooth it onto your body. Alternatively, you can mist it directly onto the body, but of course not spraying it on your face. Keep a little distance from your body when spraying, so the oil spreads well. Your hair will also appreciate the extra care and shine in summer or if you have dry hair. A perfect product for the whole body!

How does it feel on the skin?

Light, comforting and nourishing all at once! As you smooth it on, you can feel how it immediately absorbs into the skin. There’s no greasy feeling, and the oil feels wonderfully light. 

Is it suitable for dry skin?

Skin Food Ultra-Light Dry Oil is developed for normal to dry skin. It provides 24-hour moisture, protects your skin from drying out, and strengthens the skin barrier. The skin will be happy about the intense moisture the oil offers. This quick-absorbing dry oil mist is an ideal companion, providing intensive hydration and protection against skin dryness. This can occur when the air is dry – for instance, in air-conditioned rooms – and when travelling or directly after showering or swimming. Excessive exposure to the sun, water, wind and certain working conditions can also dry out the skin. Improper care, such as cleansing the skin too often or excessive exfoliation, can damage the skin’s own protective lipid layer and weaken its barrier function over time. Other factors that can affect the skin include emotional stress, a tendency to delicate or rough skin, hormonal changes, dehydrating medications, or a lack of fluids.

Try this feel-good ritual

Skin Food Ultra-Light Dry Oil is perfect for a skincare ritual that nourishes and harmonises your body, mind and soul. Gently caring for your skin lets you connect with yourself. The fragrance composition with essential oils envelops you in nature’s beauty for a sense of harmony while the oil moisturizes your skin. The scent of Skin Food Ultra-Light Dry Oil pampers the senses. It delights with fruity orange, paired with enveloping notes of sweet benzoin and gently aromatic lavender. The skin care  with Skin Food Ultra-Light Dry Oil unfolds a holistic effect that helps you connect with yourself, nourish your skin, and feel good all over.
Let go and recharge your batteries. Focus on yourself as you carry out each step of this gentle body care routine. Smooth the oil into your skin with gentle movements. Start with your face. Take a small amount and sweep from the centre of the face outward. Then place your hands on your chest with the fingertips of both hands pointed towards each other. Gently spread Skin Food Ultra Light Oil into your skin, over your stomach and legs, from top to bottom, and down to your feet. Move your attention to the back of your body and stroke from your feet back up.
Then gently skim the inside of your arm, down to your fingertips and back up the outside to your shoulder. Stand hip-width apart and inhale deeply – feel the connection to the Earth that carries you.

Five reasons you’ll love our dry body oil:

- Feels ultra-light
- Absorbs immediately
- Provides intense moisture and nourishes the skin
- 100% natural origin
- Skin tolerance dermatologically proven
- Microbiome friendly 

Skin Food Ultra-Light Dry Oil has what it takes to be the perfect go-to companion! It’s simple to use anytime. It’s suitable for normal and dry skin. Whether you’re on the go or in air-conditioned rooms, it gives your skin an instant moisture boost for a beautiful glow and an immediate comfort feeling. If classic body oils leave your skin feeling too oily for quick daily skin care, Skin Food Ultra-Light Dry Oil will bring variety to your current routine. Although it’s mainly a body care product, this multi-purpose oil is also great for the face and hair.

Our Top Tip

You know your skin best. You know how it feels and what it needs, and how light or rich you like your moisturizer. The Skin Food family includes a wide range of products to expand your personal skincare routine for an overall pleasant body feeling.

Good to know

Since 1926, Weleda Skin Food has been loved worldwide as a intensive care for very dry and rough skin. Discover Skin Food Light, Skin Food Body Butter, Skin Food Body Lotion, Skin Food Nourishing Cleansing Balm, Skin Food Nourishing Day Cream, Skin Food Nourishing Night Cream, and Skin Food Lip Balm.